Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, will ever get this image out of my mind. It will haunt me all the days of my I was forced to use the coping mechanism I save for the most serious emergencies of the psyche--DARK HUMOR, my personal favorite. Hope you enjoy..., but I will give you fair warning. It is unsettling to say the least. Scroll down at your own risk...

It's worse than this:

And here I always thought RYAN was the bottom of the ticket...

Truly Poetic Justice...and I REALLY want to attend this birth!

And this:

And this:




Okay... here goes...

"My husband says he's going to lay off on my nightly beat-downs until I'm completely healed,
 and just focus on his other 3 wives until my rectal tear heals!"  
"Good for you, Sally, I can see the swelling is going down already from that 
re-broken jaw--wonderful! I'm so lucky Dick's a sub. I thank Father for it every day!" 
Woman in back: "What are they so happy about? We're all treated like slaves in this "gated community". I hate Utah. I can't believe I ran away from home 7 years ago just to end up some creep's "wife."
How can I get out of here?  He's late on my dose--I feel sick. Oh hell, what if I'm pregnant again? I NEED MY DOSE! Maybe I have a Valium stashed in my purse to hold me over. I can't believe he makes me show up and cheer for this ass-hat. Just keep the fake smile plastered on my face...keep the fake smile..."

Man in back: "Hi Harold. Hi Rachel. Hey, your daughter here is almost 14, right? My youngest wife is getting too old for me--almost can see her. How about we get together and do some negotiating. Remember that 40 acres of timber land you had your eye on? 
How about we discuss it after Temple? Yeah? All right!  *sniffling sounds*
 Whoa, Harold, if she's a crier I may have to cut that down to 30 acres..."
(captions by yours truly)

Those poor, indoctrinated children. Well, I suppose they're no longer children judging by the age of these Momnies. By now they are well into mid-life and part of the "great 'merKKKan Teahad"and sullying the minds of their own innocently born little bayyybees. Sigh...

And another thing that really upsets me as a Secular Pagan is that Mormons sew traditional Pagan symbols into the breasts and genital areas of their magic underwear! First Pagan holidays and festivals were usurped and then banned by death penalty by Christian zealots. I have no issue with Christianity, which would be fine if they actually followed the teachings of Yeshua bin Joseph (popularly known as Jesus) and didn't do all that filthy violent shit--you know like the Holy Wars and the Inquisition (practitioners of BDSM are forever grateful for their lesser inventions for torture however--though extreme and horrific torture OR war in the name of ANY "god" is just ludicrous to any thinking human) the burning of alleged "witches" and the torture and death of anyone NOT Catholic. How ironic that we now are so unable to understand Muslims who are going through the same growing pains Christianity did centuries ago...

Religion taken to extremes is ALWAYS TOXIC! Nature requires balance. Life can thrive no other way.

That Bible really has some history though, I mean aside from the fact that it has been translated into virtual meaninglessness, and that one can find arguments both pro and con for just about any issue in it. Oh, AND the fact that most Xtians (these are the people who call themselves Christians, but would call "Jesus" a dirty, stinking liberal, or worse, if they actually MET him) have never bothered to READ the thing, and wouldn't or didn't understand it if they did. So they pick a church or temple or just keep going to the one their parents went to, blindly following the sheep, and it's just a big social thing completely detached in any real way from worship or gratitude or being a better person...or stewards of this precious Earth.

The thing that really burns me about the Bible is the Council of Nicea, which happened in 325 AD. Good old Constantine (the real one, not the idealized, romanticized one from the film) called together all the rich and powerful men from around his world and they sat down and THEY, not "God" decided what would and would NOT be in the Catholic/Christian Bible. Most Xtians and true Christians alike are unaware of this fact. Ministers, Pastors and Priests don't dwell on this too much, but Constantine et al did indeed reject the Gnostics as a people all together because they didn't agree with "their" Christianity--it was truly a case of might makes right--and I mean that absolutely LITERALLY. In addition, other complete books, some of which the Jewish religion still keeps were rejected and the council burned complete books, scrolls and scriptures (and later on the Pope burned plenty of "sodomites" and other people too) they did not find "useful."

I may be a Pagan, but I am peaceful. I don't worship any kind of satan or dark lord because we don't believe in such, nor do we believe in hell and punishing fire and brimstone and everlasting torment...anywhere. We believe in spiritual growth through a path of learning and doing good in our lives and respecting our ancestors by making wise choices in our current lives. I do not believe in offerings of anything not intended to be consumed or burned and that does not grow naturally. I believe in making offerings...of gratitude and prayer and good deeds to my fellow human kind and most of all I believe in caring for this beautiful, magnificent world of ours.

Paganism is the oldest spiritual belief in the world and Secular Paganism is an emerging non-religious system of beliefs and ethics based upon 15 earth based principles I won't get into here. Even I can only serve up so much alphabet soup at a time. Paganism, despite being the most misunderstood of all beliefs, is the most evolved.

It's the "baby" religions, still going through growing pains during which they think theirs is the only path to truth and enlightenment, that offer the greatest danger to society. Look at early Christians and Muslim extremists with Sharia law and Jihad now. Another phrase for all that is MASS PSYCHOSIS! So judge me not and you shall not be judged. I do not believe that women and men are the same, but I believe that all humans are born with the same potential value whether male or female. None of this is unreasonable and none of this serves any dark power. I am a healer, by science and by spirit.

The Bible was edited by Constantine and a bunch of power hungry MEN to take out ALL references to women in roles of power or equality and disallowed them as Priests, paving the way for completely subservient nuns, and turned the "great book" into a means of keeping the unwashed masses in line and women in convents as a means of punishment for refusing marriage at a tender age to men old enough to be their grandfathers. If these children accepted arranged marriages, it kept them little more than a barefoot and pregnant slave class from puberty until their premature deaths by childbirth. Men who survived through the wars of the ages often outlives several wives. That was the norm. My own Grandfather outlived two and was on his third, considerably younger, wife at the time of his death in his early 70's.

That "great council" also totally obliterated all references to Mary, the greatest of Christ's Disciples, very likely his wife, given single Jewish men in their thirties were exceedingly rare in those days, and to add further insult, intentionally confused her with the whore of Babylon. And this is VERY MUCH how people like Paul Ryan and Mitt Ryan see women weaker vessels, a sub-class of beings, and if allowed to run wild, little more than whores, which is why they seek to punish female sexuality by banning abortion and making birth control prohibitively expensive, and of course ending Planned Parenthood and the women's health services such as mammograms and cervical cancer screenings they provide on a sliding fee basis.

The gist of what I'm saying is that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would put women, meaning over half the human beings in this nation, back to the FOURTH CENTURY! Please don't let them do that, and if you're a man or mother of sons reading this, remember...enforced child-bearing means a LOT of young (and not so young) men will be paying a LOT of child support instead of following their dreams in life. That's just logic.

Thanks for following me on this little stream of consciousness excursion. Please forgive any typos. I am seeing double and will be unable to spell check this until later. I hope you got some laughs from the pictures and captions. It was all intended in good humor. Blessings and bounty to you and yours in this Harvest Season. Don't forget to laugh. It's very good for you.

Kudos to Candy and Indelible Images!

Nearly Twenty four hours later I'm still so impressed with the moderating of last night's debate, which was a surprise because Candy Crowley is by no means a left leaner. Ms. Crowley was a wonderful and refreshing contrast to both her predecessors. She was concise, chose probing questions, performed her role with a minimum of drama and a maximum of professionalism, and was the epitome of even handedness and polite detachment. And I am not a CNN fan. I have not been since they changed from a cable news channel with cool women broadcasting actual unbiased news (or so it seemed to me in my youth) any hour of the day or night to the network that force feeds us twenty-four hour sensationalized news (newsertainment) and brought us the likes of the loathsome Nancy Grace, Glenn Beck (I know he's gone, but he should have never been there in the first place) and the first person with a M.D. in Addiction Exploitation, Dr. Drew Pinsky. The only thing I wonder now is what on EARTH a talented professional like Candy Crowley is doing at a snake pit (and I don't mean that in a Cancun translation way) like CNN! She is quite honestly everything one could hope for, whether one leans right or left, in a debate moderator!

I cannot really say that about Martha Raddatz, who actually seemed fixated on one thing above all others, and that was to share her high (as in she MUST be high to be DOING this) opinion of herself during the VP debate. She seemed to think that her experience as a foreign correspondent gave her license to take up time during the debate to take a lecturing tone with Joe Biden and showcase to him and the world her vast knowledge of military chain of command. Then, as if she were a prosecutor leveling an accusation at a war criminal at the Hague--she latched on to some poorly defined esoteric detail upon which she on one side and the Joint Chiefs and VP on the other did not agree, and had herself an odd little cross between a self-promotional and psycho moment with it. 

Fortunately the only knives around were the daggers she was shooting at the Joe Biden with her eyes. Surreal doesn't really capture the feeling of it, but it comes close. For most people I'm sure that moment passed unnoticed, but as a former military person, I found it highly unsettling--more like shocking. Where the HELL does she get off taking a tone like that against not only the VP but also the Joint Chiefs and really the President as well? This is especially so, given the endless river of shit she allowed to flow from the mouth of Paul Ryan! That splinter is still festering all these days later. The sheer effrontery--her attitude of superiority to the Vice President of the United States--ugh, it was just so unforgivably offensive to me! So Candy Crowley was a soothing balm to my soul, indeed. 

Regardless of the fact that Biden won that debate, handily, in my opinion, the way Raddatz moderated still nettles me. On the other hand, I really liked how Candy Crowley, unlike both previous moderators who just let republicans do what republicans always do--talk around in circles and dance around issues, dodging the questions the whole while--called Willard on his outright lie about President Obama's Rose Garden statement. Raddatz would have just let that go as if fact, like she and Lehrer let every other outright lie pass as fact...even though the lies are seen by millions of people who won't bother to watch the fact checkers the next day(s).

Not so with the delightful and eidetically gifted Ms. Crowley, who not only kept close watch on the time, but did all she could aside from putting a literal muzzle on Willard Romney. Now there's an image I can wrap my mind around...oh my mind took it one step too far...

...somehow I find this image of the Romneys very believable, given what I've seen of Mitt's "better half." Ugh, this image is going to haunt me, I know it. *shudders* Oh well, maybe it will supplant this one...

I don't mind two men's just THESE men, and in such gorgeous water! Now THAT is a sin against nature!

Terrible imagery aside, you have my sincere thanks Ms. Crowley. 

So You Think Obama's Taken Too Long? Get a CLUE!

Mitt Romney has not given details on ANY of his financial plans. He does not support equal pay for women. He is against reproductive choice for women. He is RUDE to the sitting President of his OWN country and leaders of other nations and has openly stated he would look to war as a "first choice" in Iran. His business expertise consists of OUTSOURCING American jobs to places like China. He pays 14% in taxes and has openly stated he thinks that is just FINE, and he continually LIES while proclaiming to be a religious man. How incredibly, moronically, dropped-on-your-head-as-a-baby STUPID do you have to be to even CONSIDER voting for this man for president, especially if you are FEMALE and have any desire to go to college, have a job or may have sex (or heaven forbid, be the victim of rape) in your lifetime?

You are not pleased with how LONG it's taken President Obama to fix an economy it took G.W. Bush EIGHT YEARS to utterly destroy? And exactly WHAT detailed plan did Mitt Romney offer? That's right, NOTHING! He danced around details all night long like he was auditioning for Dancing With the Stars (something about which I have the sick feeling you are ALL experts). Oh, and he had some really wonderful ANECDOTES. Those are cute little personal stories he uses when he doesn't want to give DETAILS that would give away the fact that his entire plan for us is to make a slave class of the middle class and funnel even MORE of OUR money to himself and his ultra rich buddies--you know--Bain Capital-style--which is, ABSURDLY, something you find ATTRACTIVE about him! Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints wept!

Regarding President Obama's plans, which are WORKING and WORKING WELL under the circumstances, I'm sure you are AWARE that the stated goal of the leader of the GOP in the House of Representatives (I fondly call them "the Tealaban") in Congress, upon being sworn in, was to OPENLY state his NUMBER ONE GOAL was to make President Obama a ONE TERM PRESIDENT. Also almost every single republican in congress has signed a pledge to Grover Norquist, the top dog Lobbyist in Washington, stating they will not raise taxes on the rich under ANY circumstances? In addition the filibuster has been used a record number of times to block EVERY SINGLE JOBS BILL brought forward by President Obama, along with ANYTHING and EVERYTHING else that could possibly shed a positive light on our president. ARE YOU AWARE that this has NEVER, EVER been done before in the HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA...most especially in a time of WAR? 

As a veteran I cannot help but to see that as a personal insult...a real slap in the face, and given Paul Ryan's congress has already refused to even CONSIDER health care for my service-related poisoning at Fort McClellan, Alabama, because (big surprise here) I am FEMALE, like most of the many, many thousands of people deathly ill from diseases related to toxins we were exposed to at Fort McClellan, it was an extra slap in the face I did not need! The civilians who were exposed to the same toxins got millions of dollars, but our obstructionist congress couldn't be bothered with the grave health issues of mostly female veterans...and their innocent offspring. Pro-life, what? 

The attitude of Romney and Ryan toward women is very nearly psychotic in its disregard and disrespect!

Yet in the face of all this obstruction, you "low information voters" wonder why President Obama "hasn't done more by now [3.5 years] to fix the economy."


He had just a few months of a filibuster-proof congress before Senator Kennedy became ill, and then of course, later Gabby Giffords was shot. So this whole MYTH about how much President Obama SHOULD have been able to do is nothing but that...a MYTH, a FANTASY. (Just ONE of Romney's many lies--that our President had TWO YEARS of full control of the government. More like 3 months. They don't mention that very often on Fox because it's one of those boring old facts.)

What's a true miracle is that Obama was able to do what he HAS done, which is somehow turn around an economy that was spiraling downward to total destruction--destruction you cannot even begin to imagine, because you have gone about your baseball, hot dogs and Kardashians lives as if politics is no big deal and as if the two parties are really just the same. To return to the mixed metaphor (not that you've noticed) we are talking helicopter in full auto-rotation bad here and going down FAST, but somehow we were fortunate enough to have a pilot (president) with the calm proficiency to stick with it, literally, and pull that thing back up and under control about 10 feet before the cartwheels started. Hint: helicopters don't do pretty cartwheels. If you know anything about piloting helicopters, as I am sure you must, since you know NOTHING about politics, you realize how RARE it is to pull one out of full auto-rotation...and he did it with a bunch of raving lunatics pulling on his arms and legs and covering his eyes!

But you STILL aren't satisfied (please note the childish sing-song voice) because despite all that he hasn't gotten you to the desired destination FAST enough.

HE JUST SAVED YOUR DAMNED LIVES you lack-wit dipsticks!

Get with the program. Get yourselves educated. Stop watching Fox News and listening to that drug-addled lunatic Rush Limbaugh and actually READ some REAL news, and check some congressional VOTING RECORDS. Look back at the W. Bush administration, then make it more stupid and more mean and more greedy and more misogynistic (woman-hate/fearing) and overtly RACIST! THAT would be a Romney administration.  

It wouldn't kill you to actually watch a couple programs on MSNBC, because while they are left-leaning they do not create their own universe. They use real-world facts, as does the Huffington Post. I suggest Lawrence O'Donnell if you don't want a drooling partisan. Also Martin Bashir. But get some REAL news, not the "newsertainment" crap that's all full of hype and hyperbole (that's overly exaggerated emotional speech).

We're not voting for the guy who looks most presidential, or like the one who would play the role of president on TV. We are voting for the leader of the most powerful (unless we elect Romney) nation in the world, and it's an important decision. It's worth putting an hour of research into. And for God's sake if you're a freaking racist, then just ADMIT IT, and stop playing "undecided voter" and wasting everyone's time.

If you're Mormon, either focus on the fact that he's half white by birth and get over it, or put on your magic underwear and go back to Temple and discuss it with your Bishop, or whatever you racist kind of Mormons do (I know not all of you are) when you know you've done something wrong and have helped to cause the deaths of possibly millions of innocent people by voting for a conscienceless empty suit for President who just can't WAIT to take away health care and start another war so his defense contractor buds can start the profiteering.

By the way, for you low level workers out there, don't believe your boss if he/she tells you Obama Care is going to force them to fire people. That is an overt (open and intentional) republican tactic designed to trick people into either voting for Romney or being too afraid to vote for President Obama. Like the Jedi mind trick, that lie works only on the weak minded, so consider yourself warned.

Personally, I don't see how ANY of you can watch someone lie over and over and over again and still consider voting for him. Do you just play drinking games during the debate or watch it and take everything Romney says on faith then not watch or read the fact-checkers the next day or what?

Women, do you REALLY want to be forced to have the baby of your rapist upon threat of PRISON, if you are raped or the victim of incest, no matter how old you are, no matter what medications you are on, no matter how severely obscenely deformed the fetus is because of them?

Fathers, if your ten year old daughter is raped, do you want HER to be forced to have a baby, knowing that she will suffer from bone weakness and other severe physical health issues, including increased chance of infertility, for the rest of her life? The psychological damage goes without saying. That is where we are going if the "Personhood" amendment the Tealaban Congress wants goes through and Romney signs it, as he has repeatedly PROMISED he will do on that very busy first day in office. Women, do you want to lose free Mammograms and cancer screenings? Men, how about your prostate and testicular cancer screenings? Do you want to lose the ability to keep your children on YOUR insurance until age TWENTY SIX? That is a MONUMENTAL issue, as is increased access and tax deductions for advanced education, mortgages and charitable donations, etc.!

And make no mistake about it, if Romney is elected, Social Security and Medicare ARE history within the next 20 years. That has been the GOP goal for decades and they are very close now with so much apathy and at least a couple Supreme appointments coming up. Yes, today's seniors will be fine...but after that it's time to head to northern Alaska with ma and pa and try and find some nice big ice burgs that have not yet melted, because your parents will have nowhere else to go when they are too demented to safely stay at YOUR HOUSE. As for Medicaid? Pah! Romney and Ryan may claim to be pro-life, but they haven't met a war they don't love, and while they are RABID about saving the fetus, they won't lift a FINGER to save a child, because it costs money they feel is far better spent on TAX BREAKS FOR THE RICH!

So yeah, I'm just a BIT stumped as to how you could still be "undecided" ...especially after tonight's debate, during which Romney just had his ASS handed to him by the POTUS (that means President of the United States).

I know the GOP tends to benefit from low voter turn-out, but holy hell's bells, people, if you STILL haven't figured this thing out, just stay the fuck home!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ann Romney Throws Tantrum in Presidential Sandbox

Politics Ann Romney Style
By now even the derp-squad running the Romney campaign has to be rethinking their idea of using "the Missus" to soften Mitt's image--to show his softer, more humane side. That is unless they are showing us he must be a freaking SAINT to put up with this shrieking shrew!

Don't get me wrong. I am NO fan of Mitt Romney, but even I of the blazing heart would become robotic if I had to put up with someone like HER for life. This woman is SO used to getting her way in all things all the time; she is so used to looking down that patrician nose of hers at we smallfolk, to steal a word from my favorite author, George R.R. Martin of Games of Thrones fame (READ HIS BOOKS--READ ALL HIS BOOKS--SUPERBLY SMART, GRITTY and SEXY!) that it's surprising bird shit doesn't fall out when she looks back down to stare into the camera to harangue us and wax eloquent on her husband's Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints God-likeness. 

Seriously, this bitch (meaning yours truly) knows a stone cold snob when she sees one. (Okay enough speaking of myself in third person--poetic license or not, it's creepy.) Let's break it down a little, shall we?

1. Mrs. R. does not care, as a WOMAN about women's issues, which is a major turn-off for me as an
 "A is For" backer
which is entirely selfish on her part. She, like me, has given birth (well I had C-sections--nothing larger than a penis has ever passed through my "birth canal", thank you) to only sons, so she has no reason to worry about daughters needing reproductive rights in the future, so if her husband outlaws birth control and ALL reproductive rights for women, so be it as far as she's concerned. 

2. People with their wealth will always be able to fly to wherever abortion/reproductive services are available. I never used to understand why people like the Romneys were SO against birth control yet SO against childhood nutrition and education...which is reason number two, the chilling soullessness of being willing to deprive little beings one DEMANDS be born of basic human necessities, like food, shelter and medical care.

Ann Romney Fox News
Did I have this self-entitled, elitist cow pegged from the get-go or what? 
3. Then I finally figured it out. It is the UNDER-EDUCATED, most poor, southern, rural people, who vote against their own best interests, who vote republican, so the  more of them the better! It's an intentional PLAN and the most unnatural of ideas for a MOTHER, a MATERNAL FIGURE to even ponder, much less actively participate in DOING! And THIS is why I so loathe Ann Romney and wealthy republican women in general. They know better, they KNOW what they're doing, and they just don't care, because their bottom line is their bank balance. The only god they worship is MONEY! I can't believe it took me so long to put these ideas together to form a cohesive whole--I suppose because it goes so against every fibre of decency in my very being. 

...and as per usual I digress. I'm supposed to be talking about Queen Ann's sandbox hissy fit.

When speaking to Fox news Wednesday about the Presidential debate and fact checkers (FINALLY) calling her husband on his many lies, her caustic response was as follows:

“I mean, lied about what?" she responded. "It’s sort of like someone that’s, you know, in the sandbox that like lost the game and they’re just going to kick sand in someone’s face and say, 'you liar.' I mean, it’s like they lost, and so now they just are going to say, okay, the game, we didn’t like the game. So to me, it’s poor sportsmanship."

It was beyond ridiculous. Truly laughable. She knows he's lying. Her body language and micro-expressions (oh how I love my DVR) are priceless! She's not fooling anyone not ready and willing to be fooled (because they just cannot stand the idea of a half-black man being POTUS). 

It has, in a very real way, gotten to the point with her dahhhhhrling husband where it's far easier to point out where he has NOT lied than where he has. The list is far in ZERO major stances. Not ONE major issue exists on which Mitt has not flipped, flopped, back-pedaled and outright lied, often within a twelve hour period! It's as if they're Amish, not Mormon, and intentionally ignorant of the digital era, despite being caught again and again and again, in lie after lie after lie. Lie about what, she says? Give me a goddam break! 

Yes, of course, it is now accepted fact that the GOP is full of magical thinkers. And "magical thinking" is actually a psychological/medical term by the way, for what very young children (and mentally ill people) do when trying to explain things to themselves that they are too naive (or mentally ill) to understand about the real world. It is NOT appropriate for adults, but that does not stop the republicans. They cling to it like over-large children with their bankies. When truth tellers try to explain real world facts to them they react, as Mrs. Romney did, with outrage and indignation, just like over-indulged children who don't want to give up their pacifiers (or mental patients).

I was raised in a tourist mecca within a few hours travel time from one of the MAJOR major cities in the United States. We learn young how to separate the fibs (colloquialism for tourists) from the feebs and local yokels. Pranking the rich is just another form of cheap entertainment for the "quaint" children running barefoot among the wildflowers in the meadows along the shore...where the effing tourists will go from 70 to 0 with no warning--despite the miles of traffic behind them--to take a picture of the "little darlings."  Never mind the carnage they cause; they have insurance. More self-absorbed people I have never seen--until Ann and Mitt Romney appeared on my television screen, in all their high definition glory. Yuck. Those FANGS! Though in fairness I think she's had a LOT of this taken care of. Hell, if I had her money I'd look like Angelina Jolie! Looking at her unattractively over lipo-sucked neck in the pic from Wednesday I must admit I'm concerned about her thyroid's a bit enlarged. Thyroid problems could be the source of some of her displaced and inappropriate rage issues...and again I digress...

I didn't know Mormon's did Halloween?

I don't suppose the Romneys are all that different from any other malignant narcissists.  They all look down on we the smallfolk, so many of whom have IQ's twice as high as Ann's and CERTAINLY Mitt's (who has clearly NOT made his own way in life, given what we've seen of his "talents" thus far). He and the rest of the Richie Richsters are given all the opportunity and education the world has to offer, but lack the sense to realize the handles of their silver spoons are hanging out their asses.