Sunday, October 20, 2013

I Hate Crooked Zebras--Or Oliver Luck Has Way Too Much Money

Allow me clarify one thing before I begin. I am by neither a Denver Broncos fan nor a Peyton Manning fan.

That said, I am watching the Sunday night game on October 20, 2013 as I type this. Given the totally once sided, piss poor "selectively attentive" officiating in the Broncos vs Colts game, in which Oliver Luck's son Andrew is playing, I was compelled to see just how much money daddy had to throw around to the officials.

There's PLENTY...way more than plenty. Millions upon millions upon multiple millions more than plenty.

We used to have a joke in our household for every time the Packers (my home team) played in Dallas. Inevitably when the Packers would have a truly outstanding play, some flag would come flying out of ...nowhere near the action. We'd call it the "illegal doing well by the Packers" flag. They were always obscure procedural penalties or outright wrong calls such as extremely questionable holding calls nowhere near the actual play.

Everyone knows some minor holding happens on literally every play in professional football, so that's the standby for the paid off official, and a dead give away when called repeatedly on only one side of the ball on a team usually known for clean play. This is usually compounded by completely BLATANT holds, pass interference, etc. being magically invisible to the eyes of the "men" in the black and white stripes...with, as I said, the very selective eyesight.

The net effect of this, over time, is in addition to adding several more men to the field for one team, to be very deflating to the other team. Denver may be many things, but they're not a "dirty team" and the number of penalties called against them in this game is beyond excessive. It calls into question the very structure of the NFL, and the officiating specifically. I used to think I was simply biased, but no. I have "no dog in this hunt" at all, but clearly the outcome of this game was planned well in advance, leaving the integrity and reality of the NFL about equal to that of the WWF.

I'm glad I was able to enjoy REAL football for a few decades anyway.

That the officials in the NFL are bought and paid for is without question. That they disrespect fans SO MUCH that they're willing to be so open about it on such a high viewership game, is disgusting and makes me want to stop watching football all together. At this point I'd really rather watch WWF. At least I don't have to listen to Collinsworth droning on and on and on and on and on... Isn't it time for him to RETIRE or something?

Nothing is more disheartening than the call in which the Colts excessively celebrated sacking Manning then the penalty was called on DENVER...for, of course....holding. And NOW they call interference...on Denver's OFFENSE. Somewhere Vince Lombardi is, like me, shaking his head in complete disgust.

It really is a shame Oliver Luck doesn't have more faith in his son's ability to win the game fairly.

P.S.  That was a touchdown at the end of the 3rd quarter. Denver should have challenged...but with that crew I can see why they didn't.

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